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Group Research        : MCVIS
Chairperson               : Nurul Najihah Bt Che Razali
Location                     : ZDK 4
Time                           : 8.45 am - 12.30 pm
No Time Student ID Student Name Title
1 8.45-9.00 PCC17001 Ali Muttaleb Hasan Fatlawi Knowledge-Based Semantic Representation Approach for Text Mining on Topological Parameters from Social Media
2 9.00-9.15 PCC16014 Nurul Najihah Che Razali Intelligent Autism Screening Using Fuzzy Agent
3 9.15-9.30 PCS17002 Osama Nayel Ahmad Review of Fuzzy Min Max Neural Netwrok for Pattern Classification
4 9.30-9.45 MCC17005 Abeer Moh'd Salem Shamaileh Performance Evaluation of Wavelet Completed Local Ternary Pattern (WCLTP) for Medical Image Classification
5 9.45-10.00 MCC16003 Ng Ke Huey An Improved Colour Image Steganography with Tamper Detection Using Modified Entropy
6 10.00-10.15 MCC17004 Sam Yin Yee Face Recognition using Laplacian Completed Local Ternary Pattern (LapCLTP)


Group Research        : SYSNET
Chairperson               : Azamuddin Bin Ab Rahman
Location                     : ZDK 5
Time                           : 8.45 am - 12.30 pm
No Time Student ID Student Name Title
1 8.45-9.00 PCC16013 Luay Mohammed Ridha Kadhim Dynamic Trust-based Access Control for BYOD Network
2 9.00-9.15 MCC17006 Marufa Yeasmin Mukta IoT on Energy Efficient Green Highway Lighting System: Challenges & Issues
3 9.15-9.30 PCC17018 Varun Geetha Mohan A Cyber-Physical System with Machine Learning & Big Data to formulate Super-Capacitive energy storage in Materials 4.0
4 9.30-9.45 PCS17014 Mohammed Mahfoudh Khamis Binjubeir Comprehensive Survey on Big Data Privacy Protection
5 9.45-10.00 KCN17003 Asyran Zarizi Bin Abdullah Analysis Performance of Multihop Technique On Two-tier Network Clustering in Wireless Sensor Network
6 10.00-10.15 PCC17012 Azamuddin Bin Ab Rahman Energy Consumption Analysis of Improved Multi-Tier Access Protocol (MAP) for Multi-tier Wireless Sensor Networks
7 10.15-10.30 PCC15009 Laith M. Ridha Kadhum New Formula To Calculate The Number Of Designs In Radg Cryptosystem
8 10.30-10.45 PCC16003 Qusay Medhat Salih Multi-Dimensional Classification for Routing Protocol in Cognitive Radio Network By Using a Cross and Non-Cross Layer Design: A survey
9 10.45-11.00 PCC17008 S M Nazmus Sadat A survey of Online Social Networks: Hazards and Sustainability
10 11.00-11.15 MCC17015 Nur Nadhirah Binti Ab Rasul The Screen Size Independent Authentication Scheme for Smart Devices Using Press Touch Code and Vibration Code
11 11.15-11.30 PCC14005 Marhaini Binti Mohd Shukri Designing A Classification Based Algorithm For Calories Measurement With Internet Of Things


Group Research        : SYSNET
Chairperson               : Shakirah Binti Saidin
Location                     : ZDK 6
Time                           : 8.45 am - 12.30 pm
No Time Student ID Student Name Title
1 8.45-9.00 PCC17004 Shakirah Binti Saidin Review of Firewall Rule set Optimization Techniques
2 9.00-9.15 MCC17003 Yau Ti Dun Comparative Study of Next Generation Security Operation Centre
3 9.15-9.30 PCC15014 Mohammed Baker Yousif Internet of things security Issues, challenges and protocols: A Survey
4 9.30-9.45 PCC17017 Wan Nurulsafawati Wan Manan Analyzing Current Malicious JavaScript Behavior of infected Web Content in
Detection of Malicious Web pages
5 9.45-10.00 KCN16007 Mashur Bin Samhuji Study of Distributed Denial of Service Attack Prediction using Machine Learning
6 10.00-10.15 MCC17014 Gollam Rabby TeKET: A Tree-based Keyphrase Extraction Technique
7 10.15-10.30 PCN18003 Che Akmal bin Che Yahaya Selecting Features based on Rhinoceros Decision in Detecting Root Exploit
8 10.30-10.45 PCC17013 Abbas Saliimi Lokman A Conceptual IR Chatbot Framework with Automated Keywords-based Vector Representation (K-VR) Generation
9 10.45-11.00 PCS16006 Muhamad Idaham Bin Umar Ong A Systematic Literature Review: Approaches in Creating Meta-Requirements


Group Research        : INSYS
Chairperson               : Wan Nor Afiqah Wan Othman
Location                     : ZDK 7
Time                           : 8.45 am - 12.30 pm
No Time Student ID Student Name Title
1 8.45-9.00 PCC17010 Azham Bin Ahmad A Research Framework for IT Hardware-Based Service Level Agreement
2 9.00-9.15 PCC15013 Mohammed Abdullah Ali Al-Sharafi The Effect of Sustained use of Cloud-Based Business Services on Organizations' Performance: Evidence from SMEs in Malaysia
3 9.15-9.30 PCS18002 Arwa Mukhtar Makki Kanani Environmental Risks in Supply Chain:Recommendations and Directions for Future Research
4 9.30-9.45 PCC15007 Aisyah Bt Ibrahim Overviews of Uncertainty: Concepts, Categories and Coping Strategies
5 9.45-10.00 PCS17009 Erwin Sutomo Review of The Factors That Determine The Success of Implementing IT Services in SMEs

6 10.00-10.15 MCC17009 Wan Nor Afiqah Bt Wan Othman Systematic Literature Review Potential of Graduate Analytics based on iCGPA System
7 10.15-10.30 PCC17002 Waleed Abdulmaged Hammood Extending D&M Is Success Model On Flood Early Warning And Response Systems
8 10.30-10.45 PCS15002 Haneen Abdulwahab Abdulraheem Study of Density-Based Data Stream Clustering Algorithms (Micro-Clustering and Grid-Based Clustering)
9 10.45-11.00 PCC16001 Akhyari Bin Nasir The Influence of Information Security Culture towards Employee’s Intention to Comply with Information Security Policy: The Mediation Effect of Attitude, Normative Belief and Self-Efficacy
10 11.00-11.15 PCS17005 Ayuningtyas Cloud Computing Readiness Research: Reviewing the literature, and ways forward
11 11.15-11.30 PCS17003 Yoppy Mirza Maulana Modelling Of Enterprise Architecture Academic Administration Higher Education In Indonesia Using Togaf Framework 9.1
12 11.30-11.45  PCS16018 Yau’Mee Hayati Hj Mohamed Yusof Development of Tacit Knowledge Acquisition Framework (TKAF) for Academic Leadership in Higher Education Institution
13 11.45-12.00 PCS 17004 Sri Hariano Eko Wulandri A Survey Of Crowdsourcing Awareness In Indonesian Micro Small Medium Entreprises
14 12.00 –12.15

PCC15012 Faizal Hazri Mat Ripin The Framework Of E-Cataloguing Usage Process In Malaysia
Academic Libraries


Group Research        : SERG
Chairperson               : Fakhrud Din
Location                     : ZDK 8
Time                           : 8.45 am - 12.30 pm
No Time Student ID Student Name Title
1 8.45-9.00 PCS16003 Ameen Ali Mohammed Ba Homaid A Kidney Algorithm with Elitism for Combinatorial Testing problem
2 9.00-9.15 PCS17016 Murni Fatehah Binti Alias Design and Process Metamodels for Modelling and Verification of safety-related software applications in smart building systems.
3 9.15-9.30 PCC15002 Noor Akma Abu Bakar The Computational Simulation Techniques for Modelling the Crowd Evacuation in the Building on Fire
4 9.30-9.45 PCS17017 Duha Awad Hamedelneel Elmubarak Stakeholder Identification Model for e-learning System (SIeM) Supported by IoT
5 9.45-10.00 PCC15001 Khudhair Abbas Mohammed A Conceptual Design of A Generic Nodal Abstraction (GNA) For A Human-Agent Collaboration Systems
6 10.00-10.15 PCC16002 Bokolo Anthony Junior Examining the Role of Green IT/IS Practice Innovation Initiatives in Collaborative Enterprise-Implications from a Developing Country
7 10.15-10.30 PCC16010 Fakhrud Din Comparative Evaluation of Tabu Search Hyper-Heuristic against its Low Level Meta-Heuristic Constituents
8 10.30-10.45 MCS16003 Anis Izzati Binti Ab Fauzan DES VERSUS ABS
9 10.45-11.00 PCS17010 Pantjawati Sudarmaningtyas Software Cost Estimation on Agile
10 11.00-11.15 PCC16023 Nidal Abdelgadir Ahmed Hamza Simulation and Modelling for Patient flow in the Emergency Department: An Overview
11 11.15-11.30 PCS14002 Firas Dheyab Ahmed Towards Agent-based Petri Net Decision Making Modelling for Cloud Service Composition
12 11.30-11.45 PCS17006 Tan Amelia A Comparative Study for Agile Requirements Prioritization Framework
13 11.45-12.00 PCS14003 Hasneeza Liza Binti Zakaria Hybrid Migrating Birds Optimization algorithm strategy for t-way test suite generation
14 12.00-12.15 PCC15005 Sinan Qahtan Mohamad Salih Pressure Vessel Design Simulation: Implementing of Multi-Swarm Particle Swarm Optimization


Group Research        : SPINT
Chairperson               : Muhammad Shahkhir Bin Mozamir
Location                     : ZDK 9
Time                           : 8.45 am - 12.30 pm
No Time Student ID Student Name Title
1 8.45-9.00 PCC17006 Nur Syafiqah Binti Mohd Nafis The Impact of Pre-processing on Text Classification.
2 9.00-9.15 PCS17013 Vivine Nurcahyawati Ekstraction and Analysis Twitter Data : Public Review for Candidate of Presidential Election
3 9.15-9.30 MCC17011 Muhammad Shahkhir Bin Mozamir GbLN-PSO Algorithm for Indoor Localization in Wireless Sensor Network
4 9.30-9.45 MCS17002 Noruhida Binti Alias DWT-SVD Multiple Watermarking Techniques for Red and Blue Color using Optimal Threshold
5 9.45-10.00 MCC17010 Noor Hazirah Binti Hassan Phishing Websites Classification Using Artificial Neural Network
6 10.00-10.15 PCC17005 Nor `Aqilah Binti Misman The Region of Interest Approach and Techniques in Vehicle Type Recognition for Intra-Classification
7 10.15-10.30 MCS17001 Nurul Aina Binti Kamarol A Video Watermarking Technique by using Discrete Wavelet Transform- Singular Value Decomposition based on Human Visual Characteristic
8 10.30-10.45 PCS18001 Dhani Ariatmanto Robust Watermarking image based on DCT domain using impact coefficient factor and YCoCbr Color Space
9 10.45-11.00 MCC17008 Muhammad Fuad Bin Abdullah Video Steganography Based On DCT Psychovisual Effect And Object Motion
10 11.00-11.15 PCS15001 Fadhl Mohammed Omar Hujainah Investigation into the Causative Factors of Scalability Issue in Software Requirements Prioritization
11 11.15-11.30 MCC17012 Md Kamrul Islam Identifying the Pornographic Video on YouTube Using Vlog Stream


Group Research        : SPINT
Chairperson               : Siti Normaziah Ihsan
Location                     : ZDK 10
Time                           : 8.45 am - 12.30 pm
No Time Student ID Student Name Title
1 8.45-9.00 PCS17015 Nurul Asyikin Binti Zainal Enhancing the Symbiotic Organisms Search Algorithm With Fuzzy Adaptive Selection.
2 9.00-9.15 PCC17009 Tan Fui Bee Prioritization Mechanism of SIEM Association Alerts
3 9.15-9.30 PCC17011 Nurul Izzatie Husna Binti Muhamad Fauzi The Comparison Result between Swarm Intelligent based on Dynamic Dataset
4 9.30-9.45 MCC17013 Nur Azieta Binti Mohamad Aseri Review on Optimization Method in Fuzzy Modelling
5 9.45-10.00 PCC17015 Mohamed Lebcir A Review on Type of Attacks on Fingerprint Image and Watermarking Techniques.
6 10.00-10.15 PCC17007 Siti Normaziah Binti Ihsan Serious Games and Preventive Self-Care For Diabetes
7 10.15-10.30 MCC16001 Chang Ling Shing Modelling, Evaluating and Improving UMP Examination Timetabling
8 10.30-10.45 PCC16017 Bilal Ahmed Mohammed Solving Hard Combinatorial Optimization Problems Using Harmony Search Algorithm
9 10.45-11.00 PCS16001 Azma Binti Abdullah Safety Properties Analysis Process in the Development of Critical Systems: A Review on the Importance and Available Models
10 11.00-11.15 PCS18003 Suriyani Binti Sulaiman Adaptive Chicken Swarm Optimization (CSO) Algorithm for Global Optimization Problems



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