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Arduino For Beginner (Session 2017/2018)

Arduino Class For Beginner is a program dedicated to enhancing the creativity and interest of all students in the technology field organized by the PETAKOM in collaboration with the Department of Student Affairs & Alunmi (JHEPA) and the Faculty of Computer Systems & Software Engineering (FSKKP). It has been held for 6 weeks, from 24/09/2017 until 03/12/2017. This program is one of the academic programs aim to help students who want to learn more about the arduino components and software.

This program was conducted once a week for six weeks in the ZDK 03 lecture room, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Gambang campus. In addition, the program also hosts an arduino project competition at the end of the class. At the beginning of the class, they were divided into several groups, and the presentation of their projects was according to their respective groups. A total of 10 groups have successfully presented their projects with their creative, innovative ideas.


1Participants are diligently listening to the information from the teaching staff, Mr Shakhir.

2 3
Participants are discussing with group members about arduino uno in the process of completing the assignment given.


4 5
Example of connection on arduino uno and their project, "Car Blindspot".



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