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Result of CITREX 2017 (Staff Category)

 Congratulations to all FSKKP's staff on excellent achievements in CITREX 2017

1 DR. MD. ARAFATUR RAHMAN IOT Enabled Relay Network for Designing An EnergyEfficient Highway Lighting System GOLD
2 DR. ABDULRAHMAN AHMED MOHAMMED AL-SEWARI Intelligent IoT Test Case Generator Strategy based Flower Pollution Algorithm GOLD
3 DR. ABDULGHANI ALI AHMED SafeCyber: Bee Inspired System for the Safety of Online Financial Transactions against Fraud and Cybercrime GOLD
4 PROF. DR. KAMAL ZUHAIRI BIN ZAMLI Intelligent Interaction Test Generator based on the Flower Pollination Algorithm for Large IOT System Testing GOLD
5 DR. NOORHUZAIMI @ KARIMAH BINTI MOHD NOOR Skin care routine decision support system GOLD
6 DR. RAHMAH BINTI MOKHTAR I-Emotion: Prediction Children Emotions using Data Mining Rule Based Technique GOLD
7 DR. SURYANTI BINTI AWANG Tuning of PID Controller Parameters of Automatic Voltage Regulators using the African Buffalo Optimization Algorithm GOLD
8 ENCIK NOR AZHAR BIN AHMAD Economical strategy and approach for vehicle owner identification using secured qr technology GOLD
9 ENCIK AZIMAN BIN ABDULLAH Visual Analytics Template of Curriculum Design Based on Malaysia Qualification Framework (MQF) GOLD
10 DR. MUHAMMAD NOMANI KABIR A Web-Extension for Authentication of Online Quran Texts GOLD
11 DR. MD SAIFUL AZAD VAP code: A secure graphical password for smart devices GOLD
12 PROF. MADYA DR. NORAZIAH BINTI AHMAD WPC Simusoft - A simulation software to aid wood plastic composite manufacturing GOLD
13 DR. JUNAIDA BINTI SULAIMAN Application of Artificial Neural Network in forecasting heavy precipitation in flood prone areas GOLD
14 PROF. MADYA DR. RUZAINI BIN ABDULLAH ARSHAH Actors and Artefacts Taxonomy for Social Research Network Sites SILVER
15 DR. ZURIANI BINTI MUSTAFFA Flood Forecasting based on Hybrid Computational Intelligence Technique SILVER
16 DR. HAI TAO Malay sentiment Analysis Based On Several Classification Approaches And Sentiment Lexicons SILVER
17 DR. AWANIS BINTI ROMLI ECO-CBR Tool For Environmental Product Design SILVER
19 DR. MOHAMAD FADLI BIN ZOLKIPLI A Model for Mobile Malware Identification using Hypervisor in Cloud SILVER
20 PUAN WAN NURULSAFAWATI BINTI WAN MANAN An Intelligent Technique For Dos Attack Detection SILVER
21 DR. ALI SAFA SADIQ An Efficient Intrusion Detection Security System Based On Magnetic Optimization Algorithm (MOA) SILVER
22 DR. FERDA ERNAWAN Automated Digital Watermarking Algorithm using Psychovisual Threshold for Photography SILVER
23 DR. MOHD ARFIAN BIN ISMAIL A Multi-objective Optimization of Biochemical System Production using Newton Competitive Genetic Algorithm SILVER
24 DR. MOHD ARFIAN BIN ISMAIL Biofeedback Implementation In Wrist Rehabilitation SILVER
25 DR. SYAFIQ FAUZI BIN KAMARULZAMAN MyRiverEye: Real-Time River Level Monitoring and Prediction System through Wireless Network Sensor SILVER
26 DR. MOHAMMED FALAH MOHAMMED New Fuzzy Min-max Neural Network Techniques To Classifieing Medical Data SILVER
27 DR. ABDULGHANI ALI AHMED An Intelligent N-IDS Security Box Based on Hybrid ANN with Whale Optimization SILVER
28 DR. MUAMER N. MOHAMMED An Advanced Automobile System Based on Routing Protocol for Real-Time Video Dissemination in Multimedia VANET SILVER
29 DR. MD SAIFUL AZAD A Finger Press based Screen Size Independent Authentication Scheme for Smart Devices SILVER
30 DR. KOHBALAN A/L MOORTHY Gene Regulatory Network Inference for Breast Cancer Based On an Improved Random Forest Method SILVER
32 DR. JUNAIDA BINTI SULAIMAN Squash court reservation system with timer alert BRONZE
33 DR. AL-FAHIM BIN MUBARAK ALI ReSMART: A Door Access System Via Fingerprint With GSM BRONZE
34 DR. NGAHZAIFA BINTI AB GHANI Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) for time-series rainfall runoff modelling BRONZE
35 ENCIK CHE YAHAYA BIN YAAKUB An Investigation on Wireless Usage in University Campus Environment BRONZE
36 DR. TAHA HUSSEIN ALAALDEEN RASSEM Arabic Question Classification Using Support Vector Machine And Pattern Matching BRONZE
37 ENCIK MUHAMAD IDAHAM BIN UMAR ONG Vendor-independent IEEE 802.11 MAC Address Monitoring BRONZE


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