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The logo consist of a database icon,that represent a stack of hard disks.The database icon relate to the nature of information system field,where information is valueable and become useful only when it is being handle and keep accordingly The line that make up the database describes the discipline and perseverance needed in support to a directed research that beneficial to a self discovery

Blue represent power, sucess,dignity,establised and secure which is the element we want to be instill in our research group and among our team member



To be a lead and creative group that is recognized nationally and internationally as one of the expert research groups.



To conduct and promote advanced interdisciplinary research within UMP on various aspects related to Information System, to collaborate with other researchers both nationally and internationally, and to transfer the outcomes of our researches to the industry, the government and the public sector. 


Conduct research and share knowledge and research outcomes through

  • Publishing papers in reputable journals and conferences.
  • Conducting and organizing lectures, seminars and workshops.
  • Teaching and supervising undergraduate and graduate courses on areas related to Information System.
  • Providing technical expertise and consultation to the community.
  • Maintaining a website of related resources, tools and activities.

Promote and lead research in various aspects related to Information System and attract more funded research projects through

  • Establishing a strong infrastructure at UMP for interdisciplinary research on Information System within UMP.
  • Enhances researchers’ abilities to write and publish scientific papers, and to obtain and manage research grants.

Build strong links and collaborations among researchers at UMP and the research community at large through

  • Building partnerships with leading international experts and research centers.
  • Organizing workshops, symposia and conferences at and/or outside UMP.



Faculty of Computer System & Software Engineering
Universiti Malaysia Pahang
Lebuhraya Tun Razak
26300 Gambang
Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur.


Tel: +609 549 2133
Fax: +609 549 2144

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