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Aziman Abdullah
Information Systems Research Group (INSYS)

Educational Background

MSc in Internet Computing
University of Surrey, United Kingdom, 2004.

Bachelor of Science (Computer) majoring in Multimedia
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 2000.

Diploma of Computer Science
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 1998.


Data visualization, Web Analytics, E-Learning, Curriculum Design.
Web analytics.
1. Development Creative Strategies Taxonomy and Evaluating Student’s Public Speaking Performance Though the Creative Strategies 2. Maintaining and Sustaining Task Performance Using Strategic Thinking in Process Orientation 3. Application of Solid Waste Landfill Site Selection Using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP): A Case Study in Pahang, Malaysia 4. A Study on Wood Species Recognition for Malaysian Timber 5. Integrated Network Security System For Industry Security 6. Development of new Evolutionary Grammars Framework for Design and Analysis in Structural Steelworks 7. Opportunities For GIS of Classroom Management In KUKTEM 8. Development Of Visitor Information Management System 9. A Study on Digital Image Processing for Machine Vision Inspection System 10. Gaharu Grade Classification Using Image Processing Technique 11. 3D Human Movement (Walking) Modeling Using Neural Network. 12. Development Of A New Algorithm To Precisely Segment Brain Structures From MR Images 13. The Development of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Database System for Characterisation and Composition of MSW in Malaysia 14. Developing Safety Aptitude Standard & Messuring Tools for Contractor Worker During Turnround Operation In Petrochemical. 15. Development of Conceptual KPI Model of Tacit Knowledge Assessment for Academic Staffs 16. A Study and Development of Internet Literacy Self-Learning Toolkit: Enhancement using Multi Dialect in Voice Assisted Intruction 17. Enhancing Data Transmission In Mobile Invigilator System With Web Service






Data visualization, Programming Techniques, Web Scripting.
Microsoft Excel
1. Universiti Malaysia Pahang Excellence Teaching Award 2011.
2. Universiti Malaysia Pahang Excellence Service Award 2008.
3. Anugerah Malam Aspirasi Kecemerlangan Universiti Bersama Industri 2009 anjuran Universiti Malaysia Pahang.
4. Bronze medal in Pertandingan Rekacipta Expokonvo UMP 2008, 22-24 Aug 2008, as an advisor for ICT Project “Belajar Internet Cara Mudah”.
5. Silver medal in Research Project Competition in conjunction Hari Kualiti Universiti Malaysia Pahang, 16 Nov 2007 as project leader in Mobile Application for Student Attendanceship.
6. Bronze medal in 18th International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition ITEX 2007, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 18-20 May 2007, as a project leader in Mobile Student Verification System For Major Examination (S-VEC).
7. Gold medal in 18th International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition ITEX 2007, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 18-20 May 2007, as a project member in Watermarking Medical Images With Tamper Detection & Recovery.
8. Silver medal in Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE) 2007, 29-31 March 2007, Kuala Lumpur, as a project member in Watermarking Medical Images With Tamper Detection.
9. Silver medal in Pameran Penyelidikan & Pembangunan (R&D) IPTA 2005, Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur, as a project member in Modeling of 3D Human Movement (Walking) Using Neural Network.


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