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Staff Information
Dr. Mohammed Falah Mohammed
Senior Lecturer
Multimedia Computing & Computer Vision (MCVIS)
Fuzzy Neural Networks, Pattern Recognition, and Multi Agent Systems
Cabin Level 1, LE-1018

Educational Background

1. PhD. in Individual and Ensemble Pattern Classification Models Using Enhanced Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Networks - Computational Intelligence - Electrical and Electronic Engineering - University Science of Malaysia / 2014.

2. Ms. Sc. in Development of Java Based RFID API for Heterogeneous RFID System- Wireless and Mobile System - Electrical and Electronic Engineering - University science of Malaysia / 2010.

3. B.Eng. in Computer Engineering- Technical College of Mosul- Iraq / 2006.


Fuzzy Neural Networks, Pattern Classification, Multi agent Classifier Systems, and Programming (Java, Matlab, C, and C++).
Project Leader for one FRGS grant (On going),
Project Leader for two UMP grants (On going).
Member in four UMP grants (On going).
On going


Main Supervisor for two PhD students (On going).


Mohammed M. F., Lim C. P., & Ngah U. K. “Applying a Multi-Agent Classifier System with a Novel Trust Measurement Method to Classifying Medical Data”. On The 8th International Conference on Robotics, Vision, Signal Processing & Power Applications (ROVISP), Springer Singapore, 2014.
Rassem T. H., Mohammed M. F., Khoo B. E., and Makbol N. M., Performance evaluation of Completed Local Ternary Patterns (CLTP) for medical, scene and event image categorization, the 4th International Conference on Software Engineering and Computer Systems (ICSECS), IEEE indexed, pp. 33-38, Aug. 2015.
Mohammed M. F. and Rassem T. H., (2017), “An ensemble of enhanced fuzzy min max neural networks for data classification”, Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control.

Rassem, T. H., Khoo B. E., Makbol N. M., and Mohammed M. F. (2017), “Medical, Scene and Event Image Category Recognition using Completed Local Ternary Patterns (CLTP)”, In press - Malaysian Journal of Computer Science, vol. (3) 30.

Mohammed M. F., & Lim C. P. (2017). “Improving the Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network with a K-nearest Hyperbox Expansion Rule for Pattern Classification”. Applied Soft Computing, vol. 52, pp. 135-145.

Mohammed M. F., & Lim C. P. (2017). “A new hyperbox selection rule and a pruning strategy for the enhanced fuzzy min–max neural network”. Neural Networks, vol. 86, pp. 69-79.

Mohammed M. F., & Lim C. P. (2015). “An Enhanced Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network for Pattern Classification”. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, vol.26, no.3, pp.417-429.

Mohammed, M. F., Lim, C. P., & Quteishat, A. (2014). “A novel trust measurement method based on certified belief in strength for a multi-agent classifier system”. Neural computing and applications, vol.24 (2), pp. 421-429.

M. F. M. Ali, M. I. Younis, K. Z. Zamli, and W. Ismail (2010). “Development of Java based RFID application programmable interface for heterogeneous RFID system”, Journal of Systems and Software, vol. 83, pp. 2322-2331.


Master degree:
Web Technology
Bachelor degree:
Mobile Application Development.
Operating System.
Object Oriented Programming.
Artificial Intelligence Techniques.
Web Scripting.
Web Programming.


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