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Staff Information
Dr. Jamaludin Sallim
Senior Lecturer
Software Engineering Research Group (SERG)

Educational Background

Bsc, Msc, Phd in Computer Science


Computational Intelligence Systems
Bioinformatics, Big Data Analysis, Team-based Learning Pedagogy
1. Swarm Intelligence for Clustering Big Protein Data




ACOPIN: An ACO algorithm with TSP approach for clustering proteins from protein interaction network
J Sallim, R Abdullah, AT Khader

Computer Modeling and Simulation, 2008. EMS'08. Second UKSIM European …
20 2008
? Ant colony optimization for optimal path finding in protein interaction network
J Sallim, R Abdullah, AT Khader

Distributed Framework and Applications, 2008. DFmA 2008. First International …
5 2008
? Requirements Engineering for Enterprise Applications Development: Seven Challenges in Higher Education Environment.
J Sallim

WEC (2), 101-104
4 2005
? Requirement Engineering for Enterprise application development
J Sallim

World academic science, engineering and technology www. waset. org/journals …
3 2009
? An imprvoved ant colony optimization algorithm for clustering proteins in Protein Interaction Network
J Sallim, R Abdullah, AT Khader

International Conference on Software Engineering & Computer Systems, ICSECS …
2 2009
? Data Pre-Processing Methodology for Computational Experiment in Analyzing Protein Interaction Networks
J Sallim, R Abdullah, ATA Khader

Modeling & Simulation, 2008. AICMS 08. Second Asia International Conference …
2 2008
? A Background Study on Ant Colony Optimization Metaheuristic and its Application Principles in Resolving Three Combinatorial Optimization Problem.
J Sallim, W Hussin, WM Syahrir, R Abdullah, A Khader, A Tajudin

2 2007
? A Modified ACO-based Search Algorithm for Detecting Protein Functional Module From Protein Interaction Network
S Jamaludin, M Rozlina, AH Roslina

? Towards Understanding The Protein Structure And Its Problems: Selecting Data Sources And Data Representation.
J Sallim, R Abdul Hamid, R Abdullah, AT Khader

? The Analysis and Design Strategy in the Deployment of Wireless Communications for Innovative Campus Networks.
J Sallim

Wireless Information Systems, 124-136




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