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Ts. Dr. Mritha Ramalingam, CEng
System Network & Security (SYSNETS)

Educational Background

*Ph.D- University Science Malaysia (Engineering Campus), Malaysia

*M.Eng - Anna University, India

*B.Eng - University of Madras, India

*Chartered Engineer (CEng, Engineering Council, London, UK)
* Professional Technologist (MBOT, Malaysia)


Computer Networks, Network security (Cryptography, Steganography), Sensor networks, Biomedical electronics/sensors system, Embedded system
1. grant (Leader) -Protecting confidential clinical information using steganography technique
2. grant (Leader) Alarming Assisstive technology: vital sign monitoring in Stroke Rehabilitation
3.grant (member) -A Two-Stage Random Forest Method for Gene Selection and Classification of Cancer Microarray Data
4.grant member - A new masking model in image and video processing


Main Supervisor


Editorial Board -International Journal of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Serials Publications
**A steganography approach for sequential data encoding and decoding in video images-IEEE International Conference on Computer, Control, Informatics and its Applications, 2014, Indonesia

**Invited presenter at the Image Processing Image Analysis and Real-Time Imaging Symposium (IPIARTI) 2014 and Symposium on Acoustic, Speech and Signal Processing (SASSP) 2014, Universiti Malaysia Perlis, April 30, 2014.

*“A Survey of Wireless Electrocardiogram Monitoring System”, International Conference on Innovation Challenges in Multidisciplinary Research & Practice, 13-14 December 2013.

** “Pressure Monitoring for Furnace Air System using PLC & SCADA”, International Conference on Innovation Challenges in Multidisciplinary Research & Practice, 13-14 December 2013.

** “Stego machine – Video steganography using modified LSB algorithm”, WASET – International Conference on Computer, Electrical and Systems Sciences and Engineering, 22-24 February 2011.
Please refer Google Scholar:

**M Ramalingam and NAM Isa, “Fast retrieval of hidden data using enhanced hidden Markov model in video steganography”, Elsevier- Applied Soft Computing, vol.34, September 2015, 744 – 757, 5-Year Impact Factor: 3.288.

**Mritha Ramalingam and Nor Ashidi Mat Isa, “A data-hiding technique using scene-change detection for video steganography”, Elsevier- Computers and Electrical Engineering, 54 (2016) 423–434. 5-Year Impact Factor: 1.103.

**Mritha Ramalingam and Nor Ashidi Mat Isa, “A secured representation of data hiding in wavelet transform domain using video steganography”, The International Arab Journal of Information Technology, vol.6A, 2017. (ISI, Scopus, Elsevier) Impact Factor: 0.582.

**A Better Engineering design for safety environment
EC Yap Chew Shan, Tung Kean Wei, Mritha Ramalingam , R.Puviarasi, Ferda Ernawan, Scopus- International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics 117 (9), 65-69

**An Improved Imperceptibility and Robustness of 4x4 DCT-SVD Image Watermarking with a Modified Entropy
ZM Ferda Ernawan, Mritha Ramalingam, Ali Safa Sadiq. Scopus-Journal of Telecommunication, Electronic and Computer Engineering (JTEC) 9, 2017

**Dryvendra, Mritha Ramalingam, Elanchezhian, Puviarasi, Raghuraman, “A better engineering design - Low cost assistance kit for manual wheelchair users”, Journal of Engineering and Technological Sciences – ITB Journal, Indonesia, vol.47(4) 2015. pp.389-405. (Scopus)
*M Ramalingam and NAM Isa, “A steganography approach over video images to improve security”, Indian Journal of Science and Technology. vol.8(1) January 2015. pp.79-86,

**M Ramalingam and NAM Isa, “Video steganography based on integer Haar wavelet transforms for secured data transfer”, Indian Journal of Science and Technology”, vol.7 (7), pp.897–904, July 2014. (ISI, Scopus)

**Gowrishankar, M Ramalingam, E Chinnavan, “Assessment of learning domains to improve student's learning in higher education”, Journal of Young Pharmacist, vol 6(1), pp. 27-33, Jan-Mar 2014 (Scopus)

**Tan Y.S, Syahrel, Shagilan,Gowrishankar and M Ramalingam, “A survey of wireless electrocardiogram monitoring system”, World Applied Sciences Journal

**Gowrishankar and M Ramalingam, Chandrasegar, “A survey of light emitting diode (LED) Display Board”, Indian Journal of Science and Technology, vol 7(2), pp. 185–188, February 2014. (ISI, Scopus).

**Mritha Ramalingam and Nor Ashidi Mat Isa, “Transform domain based video steganography techniques”, International Journal of Computer Science and Information Engineering, vol.7, No.3, December 2016.

**M Ramalingam, Gowrishankar and Gopinath, “An overview of wireless based subsea tunnel monitoring system", International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology, vol.3 (11), pp.109-116, Nov 2014.

**Gowrishankar and M Ramalingam, “Assessment of program outcomes and psychomotor domain for control system laboratory”, International Journal of Engineering Research & Industrial Applications, vol.7 (II), pp. 41-52, May 2014.

**Gurubaran, Gowrishankar and M Ramalingam “A survey of voice aided electronic stick for visually impaired people”, International Journal of Innovative Research in Advanced Engineering, vol.1 (8), pp.342-346, September 2014.

**R. Puviarasi, M Ramalingam, E Chinnavan, “Low cost self-assistive voice controlled technology for disabled people”, International Journal of Modern Engineering Research, vol. 3(4), pp 2133-2138, Jul-Aug 2013.


Academician, Researcher, International Journal Editorial Board Member, International Conference Advisory member, IEEE Conferences- reviewer, International Journal Reviewer, Conference TPC member, course coordinator, Graduate Employability & Alumni Committee Member, ICSECS'17 Committee member, Tracer Study member, Student Mobility Programme, International body Professional member
Computer Architecture & Organization
Workshop on "Scientific Journal paper writing" at FSKKP, UMP
*Silver medal in Citrex 2017, UMP


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