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Staff Information
Dr. Salwana Mohamad @ Asmara
Information Systems Research Group (INSYS)

Educational Background

PhD in Computer Science, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu
MSc. Information Technology, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
BSc. Computer Science, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


knowledge-based system, knowledge engineering, biodiversity informatics
A New Model of Integrated Self-Organizing Map (SOM) and Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) for Water Health Assessment
Integrated Decision Support System to Enhance Decision Making for the Management and Sustainability of Kenyir Biodiversity.




1. Noor Maizura Mohamad Noor and Salwana Mohamad @ Asmara (2010). An Intelligent Interpretation of Child Sexual Abuse Forensic Evidence: A Preliminary Study, 4th International Symposium on Information Technology 2010 (ITSim ’10), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, IEEE, pp: 624-629.

2. Salwana Mohamad @ Asmara and Noor Maizura Mohamad Noor (2010). Decision Making of Forensic Child Sexual Abuse Examination in Intelligent Approach: An Overview, 1st National Doctoral Seminar on Artificial Intelligence Techology (CAIT 2010), UKM Bangi, Malaysia, pp: 132-137.

3. Salwana Mohamad @ Asmara, Noor Maizura Mohamad Noor, Md Yazid Mohd Saman (2011). Representing Knowledge for Forensic Evidence Analysis, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu 10th International Annual Symposium (UMTAS 2011), Terengganu, Malaysia, pp: 209.

4. Noor Maizura Mohamad Noor, Salwana Mohamad @ Asmara, Md Yazid Mohd Saman (2011). Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Based on Logical Formalism for Forensic Evidence Analysis, 2nd European Conference for the Applied Mathematics and Informatics (AMI '11), WSEAS, Montreaux, Switzerland.

5. Masita @ Masila Abd. Jalil, Salwana Mohamad @ Asmara, Noor Maizura Mohamad Noor, Md Yazid Mohd Saman. Utilizing Simulation Tool for Crime Scene Analysis Visualization, International Conference on Information, Communication and Automation Technologies (ICICAT 2014), Jakarta, Indonesia. (presented on 12-13 December 2014).
1. Noor Maizura Mohamad Noor, Salwana Mohamad @ Asmara, Md Yazid Mohd Saman, Suzuri Hitam (2013). Probabilistic Knowledge Base for Forensic Evidence Analysis, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology (JATIT), 59(3), 708-717. ISSN: 1992-8645. Scopus-indexed.

2. Salwana Mohamad @ Asmara, Masita @ Masila Abd. Jalil,Noor Maizura Mohamad Noor, Md Yazid Mohd Saman, Muhammad Suzuri Hitam (2014). Utilizing Simulation Tool for Crime Scene Analysis Visualization, Journal of Applied Science and Agriculture (JASA), 9(20), 29-36, ISSN: 1816-9112. ISI-indexed.

3. Salwana Mohamad @ Asmara (2017), Generating Visualization for Crime Scene Investigation Based on Probability Result of Knowledge-Based System, International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology (IJCAT), Vol. 56, No. 1, 2017, Scopus indexed.


Problem Solving
Promodel 2017


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